The Garden

Windrush Cottage has a small well-tended and enclosed rear garden with a southerly aspect that traps the sun. A shrubbery and paved area, equipped with garden furniture, provide a pleasant environment to relax after taking in the sights of the Cotswolds. There is an outside storage area available for fishing tackle, walking boots etc. The garden leads into the courtyard where the parking area for Windrush Cottage is situated, and is for exclusive use by guests of Windrush Cottage.

Garden in spring

In addition to the holidaymakers and weekenders who enjoy Windrush Cottage, the garden is visited by long tailed tits, coal tits, robin, blue tits, and chaffinches. They all seem to enjoy the garden and the cottage’s bird-feeders, but never sign the guestbook!

Windrush Cottage fronts directly onto Lansdowne which is a local village access road subject to a 20mph speed limit.

Incidently, if you want to see kingfishers – take the Windrush Walk which is only a couple of minutes away from the cottage. This delightful walk takes you into the village via the banks of the River Windrush. Kingfisher-sitings are not guaranteed but if you do see them, you won’t miss their electric-blue colours as they flit along the river.